Teva Dawson

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I strive to integrate nature into urban planning and most importantly to have the words urban and ecology exemplified as systems that can be mutually beneficial.

Teva Dawson | Senior Transportation Planner

After creating her own degree in Environmental Education from Drake University, Teva proceeded to create the first community garden program in Iowa. With over 15 years of professional leadership in the development of municipal-level sustainability, beautification and recreation policies and practices, Teva brings a new wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

When not at work, Teva enjoys her little oasis in the city including gardening with native plants to attract insects and birds, edible landscaping to stock the kitchen, long walks, pilfering wild-spaces for free-style Ikebana flower displays, perfecting the fried egg, and has a secret love of banjos. Teva’s first attempt at playing a stringed instruments is the simpler banjo ukulele. In addition, She has a great sense of humor and jokes that if animal ecologists “tracked” her habitat range, it would be a small radius from her home.

Teva’s favorite thing about the regions is the proximity of so many necessary amenities – especially a 5 minute trip to Water Works where she can disappear for an hour and walk with her dogs.

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