*NOTICE OF FUNDING* – Small Community Funding

Small Community Fund

The Small Community Fund available through CIRTPA provides funding for roadway and bridge projects .  Each year, approximately $250,000 is available in STBG funding for our region. Eligible entities to apply are non-suballocation CIRTPA communities and the Iowa DOT.

Applications for Federal Fiscal Year 2024 STBG funds are due to the CIRTPA by 4:30 p.m. on February 13, 2023.

Click here to access the application materials.

November Joint CIRTPA Meeting Notice – 9:30 AM November 17

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Access Code: 137-556-989

The CIRTPA consists of two designated committees: the Policy Committee and the Transportation Technical Committee. The Policy Committee includes elected officials, such as county supervisors, mayors, and city council members, and city managers.  The Transportation Technical Committee is comprised primarily of technical staff members, including planners, engineers, and city administrators, representing member governments and participating agencies. The Policy Committee annually elects a chair, vice-chair, and a secretary/treasurer as officers.  The Transportation Technical Committee annually elects a chair and a vice-chair.

The CIRTPA establishes and supports other subcommittees, roundtables, working groups, and advisory committees on an as-needed basis. These groups address various transportation-related issues relevant to the CIRTPA’s responsibilities.