The Central Iowa Regional Transportation Planning Alliance (CIRTPA) was created in 1994 to carry out transportation planning for the central Iowa region, excluding the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (DMAMPO) and the Ames Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO). The CIRTPA serves as the designated regional transportation planning agency for the Iowa Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Region 11. The CIRTPA coordinates planning and programming efforts in the region and fosters new partnerships with state and local officials.

The CIRTPA’s Regional Transportation Planning Area includes Boone, Jasper, and Marion Counties and portions of Dallas, Madison, Polk, Story, and Warren Counties not included as part of the DMAMPO or the AAMPO. Members of the CIRTPA include the eight counties noted above as well as ten cities: Adel, Boone, Indianola, Knoxville, Nevada, Newton, Pella, Perry, Story City, and Winterset. The location of the CIRTPA region within Iowa is shown on a map on the following page. The CIRTPA has an agreement with the DMAMPO for support services in carrying out its transportation planning responsibilities.

The CIRTPA cooperates with a number of agencies, including the Iowa DOT, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the DMAMPO, the AAMPO, Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART), the Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Authority (HIRTA), and the CIRTPA’s ten member communities and eight member counties in fulfilling its transportation planning responsibilities.

The CIRTPA Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) receives input and recommendations from its Transportation Technical Committee (TTC). In addition to the TTC, the CIRTPA will establish and support other committees, as needed, on various transportation-related issues relevant to the CIRTPA’s responsibilities. The CIRTPA also can request citizens to serve on these committees, as appropriate.