The Central Iowa Regional Transportation Planning Alliance (CIRTPA) organized in 1994 to carry out transportation planning for eight counties in central Iowa. It serves as the designated regional transportation planning agency for the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Region 11. The CIRTPA coordinates planning and programming efforts in the region and fosters new partnerships with state and local officials.

The CIRTPA maintains an agreement with the Des Moines Area MPO for support services in executing its transportation planning responsibilities. These activities must be carried out in order for the area to receive federal surface transportation funds, consistent with Section 450 of Title 23 of the United States Code.

In addition to collaborating with its member governments to fulfill its transportation planning responsibilities, the CIRTPA cooperates with the:

Ames Area Metropolitan Planning Organization;
Ames Transit Agency (CyRide);
Des Moines Area MPO;
Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART);
Federal Highway Administration;
Federal Transit Administration;
Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency; and,
Iowa Department of Transportation.