Public Participation

The CIRTPA provides a continuous, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process for the area. As part of this process, the CIRTPA solicits public review and comment on the work, projects, and products that it creates and proposes.

The CIRTPA’s public participation process is outlined in the Public Participation Plan. The process aims to provide citizens, stakeholder groups, and other interested parties with reasonable opportunities to be involved in planning processes,

Public Participation Plan

CIRTPA Public Participation Plan 

Ways to Get Involved

There are multiple ways for people to get involved in the CIRTPA, including:

  • Public meetings – check out the calendar for upcoming meetings, programs and events
  • Website

Language Assistance Program

The Language Assistance Plan (LAP) seeks to ensure that individuals with limited English proficiency have meaningful access to the transportation planning process.

CIRTPA Language Assistance Plan

Translation Services

The CIRTPA offers translation services to non-English speaking members of the public who wish to participate in the CIRTPA’s public meetings, programs or other planning activities. For more information, click here.