How to Use Interactive Maps

To view a map, simply click on the desired map image.  This opens a web application that allows you to view multiple layers, change basemaps, measure distances and areas, share maps via email or social media, and also print PDFs of maps.

  • Interacting with layers: Click on features to see a pop-up with more information.
  • Changing layers: Click the Layers dropdown menu and choose which layers you want on or off.
  • Changing basemaps: Click the Basemap dropdown menu and select the desired basemap.
  • Measuring distance and area: Click Measure and select a measurement tool.
  • Sharing: Click the Share dropdown menu and choose how  you want to share the map.
  • Printing: Click the Print dropdown menu and select a page format.

Natural Areas MAP can be found here

Transportation Elements

CIRTPA Member Map

Map displaying the members of the CIRTPA and the location of the CIRTPA’s office.

More about the CIRTPA and its members here.

Transportation Elements

Iowa DOT Five Year Program Map

Map of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Five Year Program projects for the State of Iowa.

Source: Iowa DOT

Transportation Elements

Modal Map

Map displaying the Interstate and Highway system, the Federal Functional Classification System (FFCS), and the location of airports in central Iowa.

Transportation Elements

Rail Map

Inventory of rail data from the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT).  Map includes rail lines, processing facilities, and bio-diesel, ethanol, and grain facilities.

Source: Iowa DOT

Transportation Elements

Surface Width Map

Map showing the surface widths of the interstates and highways in the State of Iowa.

Source: Iowa DOT

Transportation Elements

Watershed Map

Map of HUC 8 Watersheds in the CIRTPA planning area.  Data obtained from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources DNR).

Source: Iowa DNR


Major Construction Projects

The Iowa DOT maintains a webpage that shares general information on projects that have the potential to cause major impacts to the traveling public.