CIRTPA TPC Committee

The CIRTPA is organized to carry out only transportation planning activities proposed for federal surface transportation funding for the regional transportation planning area. The CIRTPA serves as the designated regional transportation planning agency for the Iowa Department of Transportation for coordinating planning and programming efforts of those regions and fostering new partnerships with state and local officials.

The CIRTPA is also authorized to review and comment of federal transportation planning or construction grants for which member governments have applied, and to determine their consistency with adopted area wide transportation plans.

To become a member government of the CIRTPA, a governmental entity must be located wholly or partially within the Regional Transportation Planning Area and have a population of at least 3,000 as shown by the most recent federal census.

The representative or representatives of each member government who shall serve on the CIRTPA shall be a member or members of its governing body or other person or persons appointed in the manner approved by such governing body. Each member government shall be entitled to one representative on the CIRTPA. The representation for each county member shall be based upon the portion of the population of its unincorporated area within the Regional Transportation Planning Area and the population of incorporated areas with the Regional Transportation Planning Area that is not otherwise represented on the CIRTPA. The Director of the Planning and Research Division of the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Division Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, the Chair of the Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Authority (HIRTA), the Chair of the Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), and a representative of the Ames Area MPO, may serve as non-voting, advisory member of the CIRTPA. The CIRTPA Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) receives recommendations from the Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) before taking formal action on transportation issues. If you have questions about the group, please contact Tracey Deckard.

Boone County
Bill Zinnel (Scott Kruse)
Dallas County
Brad Golightly (Kim Chapman | Mark Hanson)
Jasper County
Vacant (Vacant)
Madison County
Todd Hagan (Mike Hackett)
Marion County
Steve McCombs (Tyler Christian)
Polk County
Bret VandeLune (Vacant | Robert Rice | Steve Van Oort)
Story County
Linda Murken (Lisa Heddens)
Warren County
Aaron DeKock (David Carroll)
Anthony Brown (Kip Overton)
John Rouse (Daniel Scott)
Rita Conner (Jeff Peterson)
Heather Hulen (Ryan Waller)
Heather Ussery (Kevin DeLong)
Larry Stevens (Casey Patton)
Brian Laube (Brian Dunkelberger)
Denny Byert (Doug Riggen)
Josh Wuebker (Sven Peterson l Matthew Ferrier)
Story City
Mark Jackson
Drew Barden (Robert Hendricks)
Julia Castillo (Brooke Ramsey)
Advisory Members
Kyle Thompson (Damion Pregitzer)
Luis Montoya (Jamie Shug)
Darla Hugaboom
Andy Loonan